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Discover how INFINIT can boost your business

Easily search for vehicles to expand your inventory. Connect with trusted suppliers and streamline your procurement process.
Fleet management
Efficiently manage your inventory and procurement process with streamlined vehicle search and trusted supplier connections.
Infinit offers flexible financing options that support your business growth, including purchases, facility expansions, and more.
Boost sales by offering new products with customized financing, leasing, and insurance options to meet customer needs.
Simplify payments with Infinit's secure and user-friendly platform for quick and efficient processing of invoices and recurring payments.
Expand your automotive business through Infinit's network, connecting you with partners, suppliers, and professionals.


Sit back, relax, and let the best car deals come to you
Stop wasting time surfing the web to find the best cars
Infinit automatically sources the best value cars from across the web so that you don't have to worry about missing out on the highest margin opportunities happening right now
Release yourself from the pressure of pricing
Never overpay or undersell again
Utilize Infinit's unlimited pricing platform to gain access to market trends sourced from various industry inputs. Maximise your margins with precise pricing estimates that ensure you're not needlessly leaving money on the table.
Access 100,000 EUR at the best interest rates on the market
We provide you with the cheapest credit line of the market
All your purchases are covered by customized financing to ensure you take the most of every single process.
Equip yourself with our frictionless point-of-sale solution
Provide the financial flexibility your customers need to make a purchase
From credit to leasing, increase your conversion through enabling customers to take on the payment solution that suits them with our customised financing options

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