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Your reliable European fintech partner revolutionizing business financing through innovation and expertise.

Our vision

We are a European fintech company with a strong mission to revolutionize business financing. Our innovative technology enables us to provide fast and efficient funding solutions to businesses in need. With our state-of-the-art technology and deep industry expertise, we simplify the financing process, enabling our clients to expand their business and serve their customers more effectively.
SMEs are critical to the global economy but are widely undeserved by financial institutions
Marie Renaudin -  Managing Director Infinit

Transparency matters

We firmly believe that transparency is the key to building trust and fostering strong relationships. We ensure that our investors, borrowers, and partners always have a clear view of who we are and what we do. We don't just talk about transparency; we prove it in both good and challenging times. Building trust is a priority for us, and we demonstrate it through our actions and commitment to open communication.

Meet our team

Behind our success is a dedicated and talented team that fuels our innovation and drives our growth. We have assembled a group of experienced professionals who are passionate about reshaping the financing landscape. Together, we work tirelessly to deliver exceptional solutions and exceed the expectations of our clients and partners.

We are excited about the future as we continue to empower businesses, transform financing, and make a positive impact on the European economy. Join us on this journey of growth and innovation.

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